So what does a Word Charmer do, exactly? The list below offers some examples, but basically, my value lies in two things: 1) taming unruly, rough copy into something purposeful and polished, and 2) weaving together ideas and language to tell a good story.

See below for more details, and when in doubt, ask.


To most people, editing is the process of "fixing" a piece of writing. That's true, but there are different editing processes, each specifically tailored to the different stages of publishing. Here's what I offer, in order from earliest stage to latest.

Developmental Editing

Maybe you have a very rough draft, or even just chunks of text, in no particular order.

I like analogies, so let's think of it like a Lego project. You may have something basic built, or you may have just built elements that are yet to be assembled into a whole. So while you know what you want to say, you may need help with the order of ideas, or what style it should be built in or even who you're building it for.


The Lego castle is now built, but that archway is wider than the one next to it, the drawbridge doesn't work, and it turns out you used twice as many bricks as you needed to. You wouldn't hold your grand opening at this point, would you?

You have something that's looking pretty good, but requires an expert eye to catch errors in style, redundancy, logic and grammar, as well as improving or adding subheads or captions. Incidentally, this is done before your castle is decorated—i.e. before the document is laid out with images, titles and other visual flourishes.


So now your interlocking brick castle is structually sound, technically stunning and festooned with eye-catching adornments. It's ready to reveal, right?

Before you invite everyone to lay eyes on your creation, you'll want someone to look it over for the inevitable infelicities that creep in during the layout process. Missing punctuation, typos, spacing and formatting issues, etc. While these things can seem subtle, your document—and its level of quality and professionalism—is a form of marketing you want to work for you, not against you.


Writing is something we all know how to do, but depending on the complexity of the project, it can be very challenging to do well. Fortunately for me (and for you), I love to write, to tell stories. And that—story—is what everything is, whether it's a white paper or a marketing brochure or a reported feature.

A good writer knows how to use language, style, tone and technique—along with intangibles like talent—to create something interesting, accurate and focused. Here's a sample of the writing services I offer.

Article and Feature Writing

Need a story for your magazine, newsletter or website? Please your readers with articles and features that are incisive, thoroughly researched and always delivered on time. No matter the subject, I can interview the experts, find the resources, ask the interesting questions and finally, write a piece that gives value to editors, advertisers and readers.


Ever wonder where the text on marketing brochures, company websites or advertising campaigns comes from? Engage your audience with polished, captivating copy that communicates your message clearly and effectively. I can also write executive summaries, corporate narratives or even ghostwritten speeches and editorials.

Ghostwriting for Marketing Outreach

If you're a small business owner who could benefit from submitting an article to a trade magazine, local newspaper or industry blog, but you feel your writing skills are lacking, I can work with you to create a piece that can help you in your self-marketing efforts.

Blogging and Social Media

Do you feel you need to engage with social networks, but have no idea what to write? Maybe you've tried, but your efforts lack a strong voice or the research to add value? Get your social media efforts working to bring in readers, clients or advertisers.

Other Services

If you don't see what you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to ask. Chances are good that I can do it, or I know someone who can.


Questions about my freelance services and rates? E-mail me at tiffany(at) or call at (512) 524-6786


Hi. I'm Tiffany Hamburger. I'm a full-time freelance writer and editor based in Austin, Texas. I've written and edited professionally for a decade on a wide variety of subjects.

Industries and subjects with which I've worked:

Types of documents I've written and/or edited:

In my spare time, I like to (surprise!) read and write, teach fiction, travel as much as I can, make messes in the kitchen and run with my dog, who is also my receptionist.


"Tiffany: you're the best copywriter I've ever worked with, hands-down. Not only that, but I've had many writers do very similar work, and, so you know, the work you did should have taken AT LEAST 10 times as long. Oh, and the quality far exceeds any rational expectation."
— Christian Hunter, CEO, Attention Ventures

"Tiffany Hamburger is quite simply an AMAZING copy editor. After years of marketing a personal care product, only to find that embarrassing typo or grammar error on the final carton or brochure, in spite of reviews by numerous Quality Control people, Tiffany has revolutionized our process! She is prompt, thorough and very easy to work with. Our Product has technical information which she was able to read through and properly edit with incredible accuracy. In the past, we have had numerous "professionals" serving in this capacity for us, but none have come close to the quality and timeliness of Tiffany's work. Thank you!
— Dr. JE Ellington, INGfertility, LLC

"Tiffany is one of the brightest, most careful writers I've worked with. Her attention to detail and commitment to a quality reader experience were standouts at"
— Monica Maldonado Williams, Editor-in-Chief, GivingCity Austin

"Thank you for the great writing you have been doing for our magazine, RTOHQ...Our editor, Neil, has told me he loves your writing also and that you are a real professional and it is a pleasure working with you."
— Bill Keese, Executive Director, APRO

"Speaking as a retired professor, Tiffany is an outstanding teacher. She has great enthusiasm and conveys her love of the written word. I learned so much and found every minute of class fascinating."
— Gail Clinton, professor emeritus